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USD 257 Virtual Education Program

Virtual learning options are growing and Iola USD 257 has partnered with the Southeast Kansas Education Service Center, aka Greenbush, to offer a virtual learning program for students in grades 9-12 and adults within its district for the 2015-16 school year.


An exciting diploma completion option that fits your education around your life

Iola USD 257, in partnership with the Southeast Kansas Education Service Center, aka Greenbush, now offers a new way for students in grades 9-12 and adults to earn their high school diplomas — outside the classroom and traditional schedules, but with a full range of course options and academic support systems through the Crossroads Learning Center.

Students enrolled in the program have the opportunity to earn a fully accredited high school diploma through Iola USD 257.

The Iola virtual program is audited annually and approved by the Kansas State Department of Education.



How do I know if I would be a good candidate?

Typical virtual students:

  • Homebound
  • Homeschooled
  • Desire an alternative learning environment
  • Do not perform well in a traditional school setting


Other situations could include:

  • Accelerated learners
  • Personal or family situation that requires frequent, ongoing absences
  • Students continuing studies while suspended or expelled
  • Adult Learners who would like to return to school to earn a high school diploma


Greenbush Virtual Learning Centers offer a personalized learning experience for high school students and adults alike, through a customizable blend of online classes and in-person support from educators. Our Virtual Learning Centers operate in partnership with local school districts to provide both adults and under age 19 students a chance to earn their high school diploma. Our Centers offer an individualized program for each student providing the flexibility of virtual access to an accredited curriculum and the opportunity for full-time employees to attend school before and after work. These are unique services that allow students to receive a traditional high school diploma from a local sponsoring district. Each student's course load is tailored to meet the graduation requirements of a sponsoring school.

The Southeast Kansas Education Service Center, nicknamed Greenbush works to provide equal educational opportunities for all students. The Virtual Learning Center Partnership is just one of dozens of programs offered by Greenbush. More information is available at

For more information, call Don Grosdidier at 785-979-1495, or email


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